Beambike – Nomadic Public Art by Jonas Denzel

Jonas Denzel | Beitrag von Daria Kravchuk über Jonas Denzel im Blog “ART”

Art on wheels: Discover how Jonas Denzel’s beambike project uses light projections to transform everyday spots into extraordinary art experiences while connecting communities.

Above: Jonas Denzel with his beambike. Foto by Tim Kaun.

Public art plays a crucial role in enriching environments, offering unexpected encounters with artistic expression. It serves as a catalyst for community engagement, sparking conversations and forging connections among wide audiences.In this context, Jonas Denzel, a filmmaker and visual artist based in Karlsruhe, Germany, embodies this ethos through his project, beambike ( He says: “Karlsruhe, where I’m based, is very much a bike city. For me, it actually doesn’t matter if it’s urban or if it’s in nature. Once I can go with the beambike, I just go, set everything up, and start projecting.”

Denzel’s work extends beyond conventional gallery or museum spaces, bringing art directly to the streets and public places, transforming mundane locations into dynamic artistic experiences.

Art on the Move: Jonas Denzel’s beambike transforms shipping containers into a vibrant canvas.

The artist comments: “beambike is a project which gives me enormous flexibility in my art – working in projection mapping. I’m often riding the bicycle through the city, looking for spots for projections: facades, trees, etc. When doing projection mapping, you need some technical equipment and a power supply. So I got the idea to put everything on a bike – the beambike! And now it’s possible for me to screen everywhere, anytime. I’m super spontaneous. It’s a great way to make projections and also to experiment.”

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