Dancing Rights

Jonas Denzel | Motel One, Karlsruhe | Karlsruhe – City of Rights | Medienkünstler Jonas Denzel gestaltet das Interieur des Motel One

Conceptual art for the interior of the new Motel One Karlsruhe.
The thematic focus is “Karlsruhe – City of Law”.

Fundamental rights interact with us on a daily basis and determine our social life. Without them, a democratic society with humanistic values would not be possible. The installation “Dancing Rights” (2024) processes all 19 fundamental rights in a playful way. The paragraphs are detached from their conventional environment and typographically staged in a new context using a digital algorythm. The result is an alienation that allows a new focus on the essential rights – a typographic dance in black and white between right and injustice.

Weitere Foto-Impressionen auf der Website von Jonas Denzel